I specialize in pop and alternative music, being a one-stop shop solution for all of those voice notes on your phone that are just begging to be made into full songs!


If those voice notes lead to a song that needs a full production, I can take that song idea and make it into a radio-ready track!

I use the latest digital instruments and sample libraries to create anything from modern lush textures to vintage vibes.



If those voice notes have already led to a production that’s just not hitting hard enough and isn’t polished enough, I can take the stems and provide a clean, deep, and wide mix.

I use the best digital and digital emulation plugins to create professional-sounding mixes.



If all of the above processes are done but you just need that extra power, polish, and volume, then I can take your mix and master it so it competes on the market.

I adhere to modern standards of loudness and pay close attention to streaming platforms requirements whenever I bounce a master.


Would love to have a chat and discuss your project in more detail. Please drop a line below!

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