Andrei Sora & Chase Seven – Glass EPK

Release date: 16 June 2021

About the track

“Glass” is about how having your heart broken can affect you long after the fact. If you break a dinner plate, you can glue it back together, but no matter what you do, the cracks will always be visible. Similarly, it’s possible for your heart to mend after a traumatic event but you are still permanently changed as a result. In this song, the narrator has finally reached the point of moving past a failed relationship and is once again “putting themselves out there”. However, they remain wary of embarking on another romantic journey, as they believe they are more fragile than they were before their first encounter with love. They have built up a wall and, from atop that wall, calling down to a new suitor, is the message of this song.

About Andrei

Andrei is a London-based music producer, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer. He has gigged extensively, composed and recorded everything from heavy metal to pop songs and radio jingles, and also holds a BA (UNBM), Mst (University of Oxford), and PhD (University of Surrey) in Musicology. He produces and mixes dozens of songs a year for clients, but ‘Glass’ is his first release as an artist.

About Chase

Chase Seven is an independent singer/songwriter/composer/producer based out of Baltimore, MD. He has been writing lyrics since the age of 6, but only started making music professionally in 2016 with the goal of creating his own special brand of pop music. “Glass” is his first official release, but he has many more exciting projects on the way.

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